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Standing Committees

Each committee shall be comprised of a minimum of three persons. Each committee is responsible for electing a committee chairperson. Efforts should be made to elect a chairperson that does not hold a position as an elected officer. In cases where the committee does not appoint a chairperson, the president shall then appoint a chair person. Each respective committee chair shall provide an update to the vice president as necessary.

Per the Bylaws:

Standing and ad-hoc committees shall function in an advisory capacity to the Executive Committee. Committees may develop and implement programs and policies authorized by the Board of Directors. Committees shall not independently contact other organizations nor secure or attempt to secure funds from outside sources without the prior approval of the President.

Committee chairpersons shall report on their activities at least annually and at such other times as directed by the President. The members of all standing committees shall hold office until relieved by their successors. All committee chairpersons should prepare a written report summarizing their respective committee’s activities during their term of office.

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