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Business Spotlight March 2024

March 1, 2024

Business name: Strawser Funeral Home
Owners: Jason and Rhonda Strawser
Business Description: Funeral and Cremation Services
Address: 9503 Kenwood Road, Blue Ash, OH 45242
Phone:  513-791-7203

Honoring Lives, Celebrating Memories


At Strawser Funeral Homes & Cremation Service, we believe that every life deserves a meaningful farewell. As a family-owned business deeply rooted in the Blue Ash/Montgomery community, we take pride in serving families during their most challenging moments. Our commitment to compassion, integrity, and personalized service sets us apart.

Our Story

Founded in 1932, Strawser has been a pillar of death care support for generations. Our journey began when the late Blair Strawser recognized the need for a compassionate and dignified funeral home in the area. We were also the first Cincinnati funeral home to have a licensed female funeral director. Guiding thousands of families through their grief, we provide solace and create lasting tributes. Continuing this tradition, Jason Strawser leads the area in proven service that others follow.

Services We Offer

  • Funeral/Burial Care
  • Cremation of Humans and Pets
  • Green Burial
  • Body Donation Program with U.C. Medicine
  • Cemetery Guidance
  • Monuments/Grave Markers
  • Human Shipping (Domestic and International)
  • Estate Planning for Final Needs
  • Medicaid Preparation
  • Veteran Care and Benefits

Community Engagement

We believe in giving back. Over the years, we’ve:

  • Sponsored local events, including veterans’ programs, hospice, churches, and public monuments, Matthew 25 Golfing, Community Schools, Girl Scouts and each year we secret Santa for 10 children. 
  • Opened our doors to churches while their facilities were under repairs.

What Sets Us Apart

  • What Sets Us Apart• 24/7 Availability: While others set appointments and controlled schedules, death has no respect of time. we’re here day and night as well as many major holidays, aiding families during unexpected times. No outsourcing or staff agency, our family is here to serve the most important families in the world, yours!mes.
  • Passion for Flowers and Seasonal Decorating: Our love for natural beauty extends beyond funeral services.
  • Cooking, Baking, and Candy Making: Sharing joy through homemade treats.

Our Inspiration

To see a need, fix it, hold the cloth that dries tears, and pave a path forward for families.

Favorite Quote

“Success is Measured by Satisfaction of Previously Served Loyal Client Families.”

Chamber Benefits

Joining the Chamber has been beneficial in many ways:

  • Business growth
  • Profitability insights
  • New friendships

Three Words That Describe Us

  • Compassionate
  • Personalized
  • Community-Centric


“In an exceedingly difficult situation, Jason and Rhonda were beyond exceptional. Their kindness, communication, and professionalism made a challenging time manageable.” — Titus Family


Highest Rated Funeral Homes in Cincinnati for years holding a five star rating.

Business of the year recipient.

Best of the North in funeral homes recipient.

Awarded in Ethics and Arts of Mortuary Sciences.

The biggest achievements yet is when Familys return to us, reminding us we was of some help to their family in the past. I know without needing it proven, we care and understand!


• Passion for Outdoor Flowers and Seasonal Decorating: Our love for natural beauty extends beyond funeral services. We take great pride in growing flowers for all seasons around our funeral homes and the fact of folks coming by to enjoy them! My grandmother always said “if someone’s flowers are beautiful and well maintained, it reflects how they are in all other aspects of care for others and themselves” Wow, there’s many levels for that line!

• Cooking, Baking, and Candy Making: Sharing joy through homemade treats during Christmas and Easter. Hundreds of chocolate bunny’s and peanut butter balls and fudge we enjoy making and delivering to neighbors, nursing homes, hospice and family

Upcoming Expansion

We’re working on a huge addition and makeover, offering convenience and versatility for assorted services and events by 2025.

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